The Free Jive Weekly is the affordable way to promote your business. With your marketing investment with our organization we will ensure you receive:

  • Affordable Exposure to a Loyal Readership - We have an advertising package that fits your budget.
  • High Quality Presentation - The Free Jive Weekly presents a clean, clever and professional image. It is printed on 80lb gloss stock.
  • Positive Promotion - Our uplifting content is great for the whole family and puts a smile on everybody's face.
  • Focused Ad Dollars - The ads in each edition of the Free Jive Weekly are specific to the area in which it is published. Therefore you can focus your advertising dollars on the areas that bring you business.
  • Repetition - The Free Jive Weekly's affordable rates present the opportunity for long term weekly ad repetition. This is key to branding and developing a steady clientele base.
  • Ad Rotation - Each advertisement rotates (ie. Front to back) every week. This ensures that each ad receives the same exposure.
  • High Exposure - Advertisers would need an ad more than 50x the size of the smallest Free Jive Weekly ad to recieve the same visibility in most other publications.
  • The Hidden Answer - Each week the answer of a trivia question is tucked away in an ad somewhere on the paper. This helps to ensure that the reader checks out all the print in each ad
  • Free Ad Changes - The advertiser is allowed to make text changes in their ad as often as they like at no extra charge.
  • Free Ad Design - We design your ad for you, how you want it, free!
  • Community Involvement - The Free Jive Weekly has and will continue to donate tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to the Non-Profit sector.

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