Going Global -  With over 450 consecutive weeks of publishing, and well over 4 million papers printed, the Free Jive Weekly has gained insightful knowledge into the world of desktop publishing. We have made many innovations to the 'coffee house' style of paper and created a niche all our own. The combination of our 80lb silk stock, intriguing 'clean' content and dynamic design have attracted and satisfied many large corporate clients which were relatively absent from this street level medium.

We have developed a reliable system that works, from administration to sales. The quality of our product is unrivaled, from our software to our design. The Free Jive Weekly is now expanding through the licensing of specific areas.

In a time where almost all the news we are presented with is of a displeasing nature, it is encouraging to know that tens of thousands of readers find enjoyment in our lighthearted, curious content every week. You keep reading, we'll keep writing!

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