Letís face it. Restaurants will never go out of style. Neither will coffee shops, pubs, or businesses where people have to wait for service. This is the perfect time to engage them in an enjoyable and light-hearted way.

There are some great perks to this type of business:

1. ANYBODY CAN START ONE: You generally donít need any special education or tens of thousands in start-up capital.

2. EASY START-UP: You can start a publishing business while keeping your current job until it can become your full-time venture.

3. PROVEN INDUSTRY: Market viability has already been demonstrated by many successful publications all around the world.

4. LOW MAINTENANCE: You donít have to worry about dealing with multiple products and vendors and you may not need to hire staff - not to mention there is no strenuous manual labor involved.

5. EASILY EXPANDABLE: Once you have one edition (geographical district) under your belt, every other edition gets easier and easier.

Just because you likely could start your own publication does not mean that you should. Hundreds of people have done just that and the vast majority have failed. As with any venture, you have to learn many lessons before achieving success.

Currently, several companies offer licenses or franchises of their publication. We encourage you to research these companies and find the one that best fits your needs. We highly suggest that you get a printed version of each to compare the product quality before making your decision. The quality of the end product will have a massive impact on your ability to succeed.

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